Student pro bono awards nomination information and guidance

The Fifteenth annual LawWorks and Attorney General Student Awards will be celebrated at an online ceremony this May.

This page contains additional information to help you make a nomination.

Download the PDF icon LawWorks and Attorney General Student Pro Bono Awards nomination guidance 2021.

How to nominate

Any law school or individual can nominate itself or others for one or more of the categories listed. If you would like to nominate for more than one category, please complete a separate form for each nomination.

Please complete the nomination form on the LawWorks website.

Where relevant, up to two supporting documents may be submitted with the nomination form (each limited to 500 words). The sort of documents that may be useful are references from other parties involved, letters of thanks and any other documents that provide further insight into the activity carried out. 

Please note that we might need to contact you if we need anything clarified, so please ensure that your contact details are included.

If you would like to make an offline nomination please complete and return this word document: File Student Pro Bono Awards Nomination Form

The deadline for submission of nomination forms is 11pm on 18th March. 

Please note that we are unable to accept late entries. 

Awards Criteria

This year we continue to work under the restriction of Covid-19. Recognising this exceptional and challenging year due to the impact of coronavirus in all the categories, consideration will be given to nominations that have been responsive to the issues and legal needs presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, overcoming barriers and challenge.

All nominations should try and satisfy the following criteria:

  • Participation: There must have been actual participation by the nominee(s) in at least one pro bono activity.
  • Pro bono protocol: The pro bono work must have been carried out in line with the Pro Bono Protocol.
  • Quality and impact: You should provide information on the quality of the legal pro bono work done and the impact that it has had on those who have been assisted, accepting that a student may not necessarily have the depth of involvement or experience that a practitioner might have.
  • Legal advice clinic: If your nomination includes reference to a legal advice clinic, we ask that the clinic is a member of the LawWorks Clinics Network (or joins the Network by 18th March 2021).
  • Commitment and innovation: Student and law school involvement will be assessed for personal commitment and the innovation involved in the project.
  • Qualifying period: Activities must have been carried out substantially during the 16 months up to the 18th March nomination deadline.

Other related pro bono work (in the UK or international) can also be referred to as supporting evidence of a nominee’s performance, but it is not crucial. 

All nomination material remains confidential between LawWorks and the panel of independent judges.  The description and impact of the pro bono activities may however be used in the event programme, website, press release, etc.

Nomination categories

Best New Pro Bono Activity

In the Best New Pro Bono Activity category, the activity must not have been in operation earlier than the 1st September 2019.  For this category we are looking for the same criteria as the ‘Best Contribution by a Law School’ (below), however, for this award the judges will also look for any innovative aspects of the project or activity, including the use of technology e.g., to improve access to a service or service delivery. 

Best Contribution by an Individual Law Student

Please outline why you or the student you have nominated has made an outstanding contribution to pro bono.  Please illustrate what project or projects the individual student has been involved with and the impact of the work undertaken.

Best Contribution by a Law School (Undergraduate or Postgraduate)

The award for Best Contribution by a Law School is assessed on a number of factors, including the scale of need addressed by the law school’s activity and the impact of the project or activity.

Nominations for this award should, if possible, include reference to:

  • Number of law students: how many have been involved in pro bono activity?
  • Public need or issue being addressed;
  • Degree of support: the degree of support which the law school provides to pro bono activities (for example by way of funding and/or other resources); and
  • Partnership: the extent to which partnerships have been formed (for example with local lawyers, community groups or other similar organisations or law schools).

Please note that the degree of impact will be assessed proportionately to the size of the law school and extent of student involvement – the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity.

Best Contribution by a Team of Students

Please illustrate why your team or the team you are nominating has made an outstanding contribution to pro bono.  Please illustrate the personal commitment of the nominated team members, the social impact of the project; and the extent to which the work was particularly innovative or is especially deserving of recognition.

Top tips for nominations

  • Do include a client case study (if possible) to illustrate the impact of the pro bono activity. (You will need the permission of the client to use their story but please use pseudonyms if needed). There are examples of case studies on our website.
  • Do consider including quotes, testimonials, press cuttings, photos, videos or any other documentation which you think may support your nomination.
  • Do try to show the need for your project(s) and the impact they have had.  It is important to remember that the judges may have no prior knowledge about the project; therefore it is vital that you successfully outline the project’s broader objectives and the context.
  • Do not keep your nomination to yourself!  In our experience, the better nominations are the ones which have had a collaboration of students and staff contributing to them.
  • Do not leave your nominations to the very last minute!  Supporting evidence may take days or weeks to gather, so it is important to start early.

Judging and the awards ceremony

All of the nominees will be invited to attend an online awards ceremony to be held on Wednesday 12th May 2021.

The judges for the 2021 Awards will be announced shortly.

Contact us

If you have a question about the awards, please contact:

Good luck!

We look forward to receiving your nominations!

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