Case study centre

LawWorks would like to share case studies from clinics in the network, both to celebrate your work and to bring policy issues to life for decision makers.

We use case studies alongside our information on how clinics are running in order to demonstrate the impact that free legal advice can have on someone’s life.  They can make a huge difference to someone’s understanding, whether they are a potential donor, policy-maker or member of the public.

At LawWorks we use case studies in the following ways:

  • in policy briefings to demonstrate to decision-makers the problems that exist for vulnerable clients in accessing justice;
  • in our communications including our website, to persuade lawyers to start volunteering or individuals to donate; and
  • to help with fundraising applications to trusts and foundations.

In every case study the client will be completely anonymised to protect their identity and, once it is approved by the client, we will share the final version of the story with the clinic.


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