The Law School Challenge

The Advocate and LawWorks Law School Challenge is a fundraising initiative created to promote a pro bono ethos and to raise money for free legal advice.

The Law School Challenge is back this autumn!

The aim of the challenge is to raise funds for both charities to support the facilitation of free legal advice and to raise awareness of the services available.

The winning prizes include:

  • A LawWorks and Attorney General Award Student Award for the team that raises the largest amount of funds as well as Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for teams that managed to raise £2000, £1000 and £500. 
  • Invitations to the LawWorks and Attorney General's Student Pro Bono awards held at the House of Commons. Take a look at the LawWorks and Attorney General Student Pro Bono Awards to find out more.
  • Invitations to other events held by LawWorks and Advocate throughout the year.
  • Unique opportunities to meet with representatives from the legal professions.
  • The opportunity to help fund vital pro bono legal advice for those in need, and to make a significant contribution to the pro bono community.

Registration for the Law School Challenge 2023/24 is now open!


What do I need before I can register a team?

To register a team for the Law School Challenge you will need the following information.

  1. The name of the institution that you are representing
  2. A team name
  3. A team captain (and their contact details)
  4. A vice team captain (and their contact details)
  5. An Academic contact (and their contact details)
  6. Details/handles/names of any social media accounts that you will be using to support your activities in the challenge

See also: PDF icon How to register for the Law School Challenge 2023-24.



What does the challenge involve?

We are looking for teams from Universities and Law Schools around the country to come up with fun and imaginative ways to fundraise on behalf of both free legal advice charities.

Past fundraising activities have included sky diving, a gala boxing evening, cake bakes and mock trials. We are looking for one team, of any size, from each institution and full support will be provided throughout the process. The winners of the challenge will be the team that raises the most amount of money when the challenge ends.



Get in touch!

We are hoping that this year’s competition will be even bigger and better with more universities taking part. 

Keep us up to date with all your fundraising activities by following us on social media ad using the hashtag #lawschoolchallenge

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Contact us

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