Clinic resources

The Clinics resource section provides factsheets, template documents and other resources to help set up and run a pro bono legal advice clinic. More resources will be added throughout 2019.
The April InfoExchange session looked at ways, that clinics at different stages of development, can raise their profile.
The March InfoExchange discussed the environmental law issues clinics can get involved in, the importance of partnerships and th
The February InfoExchange session focused on supporting clients suffering domestic abuse and the importance of domestic abuse aw
The January InfoExchange session focused on different client triaging processes in free legal advice clinics, and how this works
The October LawWorks Clinics Network InfoExchange brought together clinic coordinators and volunteers to learn more about the st
In this session we looked at the ways in which a wide range of people with communication difficulties could be supported to acce
The August InfoExchange focused on clinic referral pathways and how to build effective networks to ensure clients receive approp
From September 2021 the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) will require all candidates, who wish to qualify as a solicitor in Engl
At the May InfoExchange we heard from a range of speakers working with and within the LGBT+ community.
At the April 2021 InfoExchange our speakers shared information to help coordinators when fundraising for their clinics.