Communicating with clients through casework

This recorded training focusses on developing communication skills and good practice when communicating with clients.

This interactive session provides an overview of good practice in communication throughout casework, from building rapport with a new client, to having difficult conversations, and de-escalating conflicts if and when they arise.

This training will be useful to clinic volunteers, students, junior lawyers and those new to working in the advice sector.

Delivered by Fatima Bhula, an experienced solicitor and programme lead for Pro Bono Connect at LawWorks; and Suzy McGarrity, LawWorks Engagement and Training Officer for Wales; and Project Coordinator at Ukraine Project Cymru.

The session covers:

  • Building rapport with new clients, active and effective listening
  • Having difficult conversations, constructive questioning, responding with empathy
  • Dealing with conflict and de-escalation
  • Reflective practice, after-care tips for client and caseworker



Year of Publication

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Friday, December 22, 2023

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Friday, December 22, 2023