Clinic resources

The Clinics resource section provides factsheets, template documents and other resources to help set up and run a pro bono legal advice clinic. More resources will be added throughout 2019.
This guidance helps in-house solicitors to understand the rules and regulations that apply when providing pro bono legal service
The November Clinics Network roundtable provided the opportunity for clinic coordinators in London and Birmingham to discuss the
This guidance is intended to provide clinics and advisers with the tools to unlock the potential of compliments and complaints p
When providing advice it is important to ensure that clients are appraised of all relevant limitation dates pertaining to their
LawWorks’ website hosts a range of resources to support the delivery of pro bono legal advice.
There are a number of different fundraising opportunities available to those who provide free legal services.
Handling conflicts of interest requires special attention in pro bono legal advice clinics, particularly due to the fact that vo