Clinic resources

The Clinics resource section provides factsheets, template documents and other resources to help set up and run a pro bono legal advice clinic. More resources will be added throughout 2019.
Every year thousands of volunteers participate in pro bono clinics across the network.
Arranging insurance is an important requirement for any law clinic to consider.
When providing advice it is important to ensure that clients are appraised of all relevant limitation dates pertaining to their
In this factsheet the LawWorks Clinics Team sets out the first hand observations and learnings of pro bono coordinators involved
LawWorks have obtained from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) a waiver from certain requirements of Professional Indemni
In this briefing note we provide an update on changes to the regulation of consumer credit and debt advice at pro bono clinics.
To help equip clinic volunteers with the information they need to give relevant and accurate advice, clients will generally need
Use of this Diversity and Monitoring Form will help your clinic monitor the effectiveness of its equal opportunities policy.
In 2013 the London South Bank University (LSBU) Legal Advice Clinic Team published a 70-page Drop-In Clinic Operational Manual a
There are a variety of models through which clinics may deliver pro bono legal advice and services to members of the public.