Monitoring and impact

LawWorks is changing the way that information from the LawWorks Clinic Network is collected.

From April 2018 LawWorks will be asking for less information to be collected on clinic activity. We are reducing the number of questions that we ask and data points (information) collected. We are also moving to an annual collection period based upon the calendar year - January to December, decreasing the frequency in which clinic data is requested.

A summary of the changes is shown in the graphic to the right. 

There are no changes to the collection process, clinic coordinators will continue to receive an email with a link to a web based survey tool.

You can find out more about the specific changes from the resources below: 

We’d welcome your views on these changes. If you have a question that is not covered by the FAQ, or you’d like to comment on our monitoring work please get in touch via [email protected].

Find out about how and why we collect monitoring information.
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