LawWorks Clinics Network Registration

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Registration to the LawWorks Clinics Network is completely free and allows access to many services such as online and in-person training, resources and guidance on the practical aspects of running a legal advice clinic and the opportunity to network and share best practise with over 300 clinics nationally. For more information on the benefits of joining the LawWorks Clinics Network, please email

If your clinic is fully established (including at pilot stage), then it must satisfy the following conditions to join the network. If your clinic is still being developed, you must agree that it will satisfy the following conditions when it becomes active, or risk being taken off the network:

  1. Your clinic must be a free drop-in or appointment-based service that provides legal advice, delivered by legal professionals to those who cannot afford to pay for legal assistance and aren't eligible for legal aid. Clients cannot be charged for this service and legal advisers must provide their time and expertise on a voluntary basis.
  2. The legal advice given must be adequately supervised by suitably qualified and experienced legal professionals.
  3. All relevant regulatory and professional standards are met by the clinic.
  4. There must be suitable professional indemnity insurance in place for the advice given at the clinic.
  5. Each clinic needs to provide statistics each year (such as number of service users seen, areas of law advice delivered in etc) in order that we can develop a detailed national picture of the help being provided by clinics. This analysis will be used to highlight the demand for free legal advice, the issues faced by clinic users, and emerging trends and issues which policy makers should be made aware of. You can see an example of the statistics we ask for by contact the clinics team at
  6. You must keep us up to date with changes to your service and coordinator contact details.
  7. Our main method of communicating with clinics is through our monthly 'Clinics Update'. Upon registration you will be subscribed to this.

If you agree to the above statements and would like to continue registration onto the LawWorks Clinics Network, please click next: