Case study: C v ABC

"Without the ability to get a legal team like this together, I would not have had any representation."

Mr C was suffering from PTSD as a result of significant events in his life.  In 2011 he was referred for medical evaluation by his insurance company.  A psychiatric report was commissioned by the defendant on behalf of the insurers.

In 2013 it appeared that a copy of the report had been disclosed by an employee at the defendant company to an acquaintance of Mr C without his permission. 

This unlawful disclosure not only breached data protection laws but also caused immense distress to Mr C.  He initially took the matter up with the defendant and subsequently the Information Commissioners Office but without success.

Eventually he sought legal help through Advocate and the matter was taken on by John Stables at 5RB Chambers.  The barrister sought solicitor assistance through Pro Bono Connect and was matched with Eileen Weinert at Eversheds Sutherland. 

Negotiations with the defendant’s solicitors were unsuccessful and litigation became necessary.

Proceedings were commenced and the matter settled by consent in November 2019 with damages payable to Mr C.

The whole situation was extremely stressful and difficult for Mr C not least because the defendant seemed unwilling to co-operate.  As soon as 5RB and Eversheds Sutherland became involved the case began to move at pace and reach a speedy resolution after many frustrating years.

Mr C said:

Eversheds were amazing, they handled everything expertly, I was extremely well looked after. The barrister, John, was unbelievable. I can’t thank them enough.”  “(Pro Bono Connect) ...was invaluable. Without the ability to get a legal team like this together, I would not have had any representation.”

Eileen Weinert of Eversheds Sutherland said:

it was enormously satisfying to be able to provide Mr C with legal assistance on this matter which had caused him such distress, to be able to obtain damages which went some way to compensating him for that distress and a costs order payable to the Access to Justice Foundation, a very worthy cause. We were delighted to be connected by Pro Bono Connect with John Stables at 5RB and to work with him on this case."

John Stables at 5RB said:

Being able to help a client who would otherwise be on their own is a great feeling.  Eileen Weinert and I righted a wrong for a client who had nowhere else to turn.  That result, including a contribution to pro bono funds to assist others, is wonderfully fulfilling.  I am grateful to Advocate and Pro Bono Connect for the hard work they do allowing people access to justice they could not otherwise have.”

Pro Bono Connect is the only scheme which enables solicitors and barristers to be matched up and collaborate on pro bono cases together for the benefit of the client.

January 2021