LawWorks Clinics Network Roundtable June 2019 round-up

The June LawWorks Clinics Network roundtable provided the opportunity for clinic coordinators in London and Manchester to discuss how to gather case studies and work with the media.

LawWorks held a roundtable in London and Manchester on the 27th June to discuss case studies and working with the media.

Harriet Beaumont, Press Officer at The Law Society, spoke about using case studies to raise awareness, whilst balancing the vulnerabilities of the client and expectations of journalists. 

From LawWorks James Sandbach, Director of Policy and External Affairs spoke about the importance and value of case studies in policy work. We have already started to build up a bank of studies studies through the Better Information Project (client outcome monitoring) and in the Clinics Report 2017-18. 

James also took the opportunity to showcase LawWorks' new tool for capturing case studies. The online tool, designed with clinics in mind, is available for testing on the LawWorks website. If you have any comments or feedback on the tool, or how the process works, please get in contact.

Kate Buchanan, Fundraising Consultant for LawWorks, also gave helpful tips for obtaining case studies, and where they could be used to benefit clinics and their work, including on websites, fundraising applications, across social media and reports.


Date of publication

Monday, July 8, 2019

Date last reviewed

Monday, July 8, 2019