Client outcomes monitoring

For the first time we are able provide and report robust data on the outcomes from clients having visited clinics on the LawWorks network. This page provides an update on our client outcomes monitoring work.

The Better Information Project has now come to an end with the completion of our client outcomes monitoring work, and we are sharing the client feedback data with clinics. A summary of key findings on client outcomes can also be found in the 2018 Clinics report.

The client outcomes research ran from 2016-2018, starting with a pilot phase. All clinics were invited to take part in the project. Clinic colleagues involved in the project asked clients if they would like to participate, requesting that clients gave their informed consent and contact details. Once clinics returned these forms securely, clients were contacted at least six weeks later by our research agency (BMG).

We presented a paper on early findings and learning at a Conference at UCL in 2018.

By the end of summer 2018 all feedback calls were complete, and we were able to start the analysis.

In total:

  • 75 clinics agreed to take part
  • 38 clinics submitted forms
  • 993 clients gave informed consent
  • 209 clients completed calls

Based on a total number of 35,008 clinic clients (Clinics report 2017), our group of 209 respondents has given us a robust national sample.

In March 2019 we held a Clinics Roundtable event with Clinic coordinators and shared findings, learning and issues around participating in outcomes research.

Key findings from the project are:-

  • 95 per cent of clients felt the person they had contact with listened to them very well, or quite well
  • 92 per cent of clients felt the person they had contact with understood their legal problem very well, or quite well
  • Most clients received the help they had hoped for to understand the legal issues; 76 per cent of clients reported that they would feel more confident to deal with their problem, or a similar one, in the future, and that their understanding of their legal problem is now better
  • 21 per cent of clients say that their legal problem is now settled or partially settled, while for 50 per cent it’s too early to say, or no further action is possible; where their legal problem is still on-going, half of clients say that it now feels more manageable
  • 65 per cent of clients feel more in control of their situation
  • More than half of clients felt physically better as a result of the advice or help

A summary presentation of the methodology and the findings can be found in the presentations below. Individual summaries are being prepared for clinics.