LawWorks InfoExchange: Windrush Revisited

The July LawWorks Clinics Network InfoExchange brought together clinic coordinators and volunteers to revisit Windrush and discuss developments in the wake of the ‘Wendy Williams Lessons Learned Review’. The session explored ways in which clinics can get involved in the outreach and legal advice work so desperately needed to support this cause.

This, the second InfoExchange on Windrush (a recording of the first is available on our website), was introduced by Sibon Phiri. Nicola Burgess presented an overview of the independent report by Wendy Williams, Windrush Lessons Learned Review and the progress update published earlier this year.

Speakers discussed the call for statutory law on Windrush, for legal aid to be made available, and for next year’s 75th anniversary to be a major national moment that broadens the public conversation about British society. They also looked at what impact the annual Windrush Day is having in terms of outreach, engagement, reconciliation and promoting Windrush generally and what more can be done.

With a growing number of grassroots support groups across the UK working to defend the rights of the Windrush Generation, speakers discussed ideas and shared tips on how clinics can get involved in this important area of pro bono work and can, themselves, become ambassadors for Windrush.

Our thanks to Sibon Phiri (United Legal Access), Nicola Burgess (Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit), Subira Cameron-Goppy (Claudia Jones Organisation), Bridget Tatham (Browne Jacobson LLP) and Anthony Brown (Preston Windrush).


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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022