LawWorks InfoExchange: Raising the profile of your clinic

The April InfoExchange session looked at ways, that clinics at different stages of development, can raise their profile.

Gemma Watts, communications specialist and LawWorks Trustee, provided insight into how clinics can use social and local media in an effective and manageable way to increase awareness and engagement. Gemma outlined step-by-step guidance on how to build a strong social media profile, how to create and tailor engaging content that is suitable for its intended purpose, as well as highlighted best practice within the area. Gemma also spoke about how to utilise local media to ensure it has a positive impact on the profile of the clinic. Gemma outlined how to build a media profile, how to reach out to local media outlets and how to track down media opportunities.

Simon Bruce, solicitor and Advisor at Dads House Family Law Clinic, discussed the need to target a wide range of media organisations and build reciprocal relationships with the media. Simon also spoke about the importance of promoting case studies and creating a schedule for uploading regular content.

Gita Duggal, solicitor and Clinic Co-ordinator of Bedfordshire Family Law Telephone Advice Clinic, identified the process involved in raising the profile of a new clinic, including a discussion around reaching out to local organisations, utilising professionals to create marketing materials and the importance of seeking feedback from others within the sector.  



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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022