LawWorks InfoExchange on domestic abuse

The February InfoExchange session focused on supporting clients suffering domestic abuse and the importance of domestic abuse awareness and wellbeing training for volunteers.

Alex Lowry, CourtNav Lead at RCJ Advice, introduced Finding Legal Options for Female Survivors (FLOWS) and their CourtNav service, a tool to support applications for a non-molestation and/or occupation orders. Alex also spoke about the need for CourtNav during the Covid-19 pandemic and how they partner with other organisations to support vulnerable clients access the tool.

Meghan Mizen, Projects Coordinator at Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre elaborated on their partnership with Alex and the team to support clients coming to the centre to access CourtNav where appropriate.

Sam Cottman, Director of Pro Bono and Senior Counsel at Travers Smith introduced the Domestic Abuse Response Alliance (DARA), which he set up and has since become a LawWorks Secondary Specialisation Project. Sam shared more about the legal need for this project and the work the volunteer lawyers from various firms do. 

Lastly Amanda Thurston, Clinic Coordinator at Hertfordshire Law Clinic highlighted the importance of domestic abuse awareness training for volunteers and ensuring they have the tools to safeguard their own wellbeing when advising on domestic abuse cases.

Following this InfoExchange we are planning to run two training sessions, one the use of CourtNav and a second on domestic abuse awareness/volunteer wellbeing training for volunteers. Once dates for these sessions are confirmed they will be publicised in the LawWorks Training Bulletin and training and events section, if you do not already receive the training bulletin you can sign up on our website.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022