LawWorks InfoExchange: Business case for pro bono

Taking place during Pro Bono Week 2022, the November InfoExchange explored the business case for pro bono.

Rebecca Wilkinson, Chief Executive, LawWorks opened the November InfoExchange session to discuss the business case for pro bono. 

Sharing ideas on how clinics can go about developing their service and attracting more volunteers were:

  • Rebecca Wilkinson, LawWorks CEO;
  • Marion Edge, Dechert;
  • Jasmine Ashley-Tagoe, Toynbee Hall;
  • Danielle Zeider, Access Social Care;
  • Beverley Rizzotto, University of Wolverhampton.

Rebecca introduced the topic explaining that pro bono can be seen as a ‘win win endeavour’ for all involved. Referring to her recently published article on The Business Case for Pro Bono, she went on to suggest how to use it in various different settings. Pro bono can be a wonderful training, providing lawyers a diversity of experience they might not otherwise be exposed to.

With 20 years of experience in the pro bono sector, Marion Edge spoke about the changes she has witnessed over that period. Pro bono is now seen as a core part of how a law firm does its business and is a gift to lawyers that do it.

Jasmine spoke of the importance of identifying one’s motivation for volunteering and gave helpful tips on how to approach organisations/law firms, addressing two important points – what can they do for us and what can we do for them?

Danielle said it is important to understand the culture of law firms you approach and to put emphasis on the learning and development opportunities that pro bono affords volunteer lawyers as well as the impact pro bono can have.

Finally we heard from Beverley Rizzotto who discussed the benefits and the obstacles she faces in the setting of a law school clinic, with students being both current and future pro bono volunteers


Thank you to all of our speakers.


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