LawWorks Clinics Network InfoExchange on data collection for the 2020 reporting period

In preparation for our annual statistics collection in January we hosted an InfoExchange to take a ‘deep dive’ into the data that we will be requesting, including insight into “data gaps” that have invariably developed over the past year.

Every year LawWorks publishes a Clinics Network Report based on data collected from across the network, providing details of the pro bono advice and assistance carried out by clinics registered with the LawWorks Clinics Network. We recognise that operating clinics in the last year has been challenging, and as such we would like to use the 2020 data survey to better understand the impact that Covid has had on clinic services and clients. Following on from our Data Collection InfoExchange last year, which reflected on the impact that Covid-19 has had on what data it may be possible for clinics to collect, this session gave clinic coordinators the opportunity to raise concerns and questions about data reporting after a challenging year. We also explored the benefits and uses of collecting data, which can be used to inform funders, stakeholders and policymakers, and shared information about the support that LawWorks offers to help clinics collect their data.

James Sandbach, Director of Policy at LawWorks, provided an overview of the data collection process, the type of data we request and how we request it in our statistics survey. Martin South, Chief Executive at Tower Hamlets Law Centre, then shared his experience of collecting and using data from the clinic, and raised discussion points about using scanning tools to gather client information remotely, whether client demographic data could be more comprehensively collected across an annual or 'snapshot' period, and how clinics could mobilise volunteers to assist with collecting data.

Many clinic coordinators at the meeting shared information and links to a variety of tools that they use to help them collect data. Further details can be found at the LawWorks Clinics Network Forum.



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Sunday, January 31, 2021

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