Free legal assistance

The Not-for-Profits Programme helps connect volunteer solicitors with small not-for-profit organisations in need of legal advice

“Many small voluntary organisations can barely meet their core costs let alone pay for legal advice - LawWorks is an invaluable service.” (Not-for-Profits Programme applicant)

How it works

Where a not-for-profit organisation needs help with a one-off legal issue, we match the organisation with a volunteer lawyer from our network of member law firms and in-house legal teams who can advise on that matter.  The advice is given for free (pro bono). 

Examples of discrete matters our volunteers can help with include:

  • drafting a contract
  • reviewing a lease
  • updating a constitution/articles, or
  • clarifying rights in a commercial dispute  

Our volunteers can advise on intellectual property, employment, property, tax, commercial/contract, insurance, insolvency, data protection, defamation, and company/charity law. 

Unfortunately our volunteers cannot help with choosing a not-for-profit structure, setting it up, or registering with the Charity Commission, but you may want to try another resource for such help (see: Resources and other sources of advice).

How to apply

Applying for help is simple. Click the button below to begin the process.

Please note that we have eligibility criteria (please see "Who is eligible" below) and will require your latest accounts, or a business plan or similar showing projected income for a full twelve months.


After receiving your application we will work with you to gather any more relevant information and see how we can help.

Who is eligible?

You can find out more about our eligibility criteria on our website.  You will be eligible for our help if:

  1. You are a small not-for-profit organisation focussed on helping disadvantaged or vulnerable people who are in need in England and Wales. Please note that this means we are unable to help organisations who focus on help people who live overseas, or animals. 
  2. The not-for-profit organisation cannot pay for legal advice, or would struggle to pay. We will ask about the organisation’s ability to pay for legal advice and look at the most recent financial accounts.  
  3. You agree to our terms of service.These include being responsive and providing information in a timely way.  
  4. We are able to help with the request. Due to policy reasons and also the types of matters our volunteers are willing to assist with, there are unfortunately some occasions when we cannot help.  

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Not-for-Profits Programme, you can email us at: [email protected]