LawWorks InfoExchange: Safeguarding for clinics

The December InfoExchange looked at what makes up a robust safeguarding policy before moving on to focus on safeguarding in different environments.

Our speakers for the December InfoExchange were: 

  • Mackenzie Chapman – Chief Operating Officer, LawWorks  
  • Jen Cheshire – Head of Digital Platforms and Services, LawWorks  
  • Hannah Lennox – Supervising Solicitor, BPP Legal Advice Clinic

Mackenzie began the session by looking at why a policy was needed and what it should cover. Explaining that safeguarding is rooted in risk management and how the risk should be assessed annually or when there is a material change of circumstances. Emphasising the importance of time to debrief and reflect following any reported incident, and to use this as part of a process of continual quality management and review.  A safeguarding policy will also be an insurance and funding requirement. Mackenzie’s presentation and list of resources are provide below.  

We then heard from Jennifer Cheshire, Head of Digital services and projects at LawWorks about safeguarding challenges that LawWorks has encountered when running the online services such as Free Legal Answers. Jennifer highlighted the importance promoting awareness of the safeguarding policy to staff and volunteers, having space to debrief, and other support mechanisms available to volunteers and staff.   

Hannah gave insights from the perspective of BPP who work with a lot of clients who are vulnerable or have mental health issues. Hannah focused on the wellbeing and safeguarding of volunteers and clients. She explained the policies in place at BPP, the key points in client and volunteer journey where policies are implemented and the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic had on service delivery and practices.


Thank you to our speakers for sharing their expertise.


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Monday, December 19, 2022

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