LawWorks InfoExchange on referrals into, between and out of advice services

The August InfoExchange focused on clinic referral pathways and how to build effective networks to ensure clients receive appropriate support at the right time.

Referrals are an inherent part of the advice sector. Clinics often support clients that have been referred by other frontline organisations and equally may have to refer clients to an alternative service. Having a system in place to facilitate the referral process will help clinic coordinators to direct resources more effectively and will help clients better identify and navigate different services.

Contributing to the session were:

  • Faye Deverell, Supervising Solicitor at the University of Law Nottingham
  • Judi Lincoln, Advice & Volunteer Manager at Norfolk Community Law Centre
  • Emily Balsdon Director of the Norfolk Community Advice Network
  • Jennifer Cheshire, Head of Digital Platforms and Projects at LawWorks

Speakers shared their experience of setting up referral networks, and how to identify and work with referral partners. This often starts with knowing where your clients heard about your clinic service and which organisations they may have signposted or referred them. Speakers further highlighted the importance of being aware of the services available in a clinic’s local area as well as existing networks and being actively engaged with local actors in order to refer clients to the appropriate services where necessary and avoid a so-called ‘referral roundabout’.

The session further highlighted a number of established local and online services that clinics can refer clients to, including the Norfolk Community Advice Network, Free Legal Answers, the Pro Bono Portal UK, local hub meetings hosted by LawWorks.




Date of publication

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Date last reviewed

Tuesday, August 31, 2021