LawWorks Clinics Network Report 2020

LawWorks supports a growing network of local independent pro bono advice clinics across England and Wales. Each year, LawWorks publishes a report based on data collected from across the LawWorks Clinics Network, providing details of the pro bono advice and assistance carried out by clinics participating in the network.

This report provides an analysis of pro bono legal advice work delivered across the LawWorks Clinics Network between January and December 2020, covering a period in which clinics have mostly been operating under the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and dealing with the impact of the ongoing public health crisis. It is based on the data collected from our annual survey, as well as a number of qualitative questions to clinics exploring the impact of Covid-19 on services adjustments, trends in demand and whether they had been able to keep running. In 2020, clinics on the LawWorks Clinics Network responded to 49,651 enquiries, providing support to over 43,000 people.

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Clinic enquiries in 2020


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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021