The business case for pro bono

There are many reasons for doing legal work pro bono. The first that usually come to mind are about the clients, about the causes, or about it just being the right thing to do.

An often-overlooked reason is that it can also make business sense. An active pro bono practice can improve legal skills, assist in recruitment and development of junior lawyers, demonstrate a firm or organisation’s corporate social responsibility credentials, and attract value-matched clients or open up new opportunities.

To support firms to develop a business case both internally and externally, we have developed a resource that we hope will be useful. This paper outlines how an investment in pro bono can support wider organisational goals by outlining the impact pro bono can have on three key areas relevant to any business in the legal industry: staff, relationships and the firm or organisation.

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Date of publication

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Date last reviewed

Thursday, July 2, 2020