Pro Bono Portal UK

LawWorks are at an exciting stage in the development of our digital service offer, and have recently established a new digital team to focus on the delivery and development of digital platforms and projects, including Free Legal Answers.

As we expand the reach of our services and develop a plan to integrate how these services are delivered, a particular focus for us is the development of the Pro Bono Portal UK.

The Pro Bono Portal helps connect lawyers with pro bono advice, casework, representation and a range of other legal and non-legal volunteering opportunities. The pro bono matters are triaged and submitted by referral organisations (advice agencies, law centres and others), reviewed and then made available on the Portal. Developed originally by Justice Connect (an Australian access to justice charity), the initial pilot was part of a project (working with PILnet) to introduce the award-winning platform in different international legal jurisdictions.

We are now looking across LawWorks to scope where the platform has the potential to include existing LawWorks projects and programmes, and working with stakeholders to understand how the Portal can support both the pro bono and advice sectors, including organisations having direct access and use for their own pro bono requests and opportunities. We are, for example, establishing an advisory group to work with us on maximising the full potential of the Portal and our other digital projects.

LawWorks is ambitious for the scale and reach of the Portal with the vision that it will be available to all solicitors across England and Wales - a ‘one-stop shop’ for accessing a range of pro bono opportunities. We are keen to raise awareness of the Portal as widely as possible.

If you would like more information on the Pro Bono Portal UK, or any of our digital services, please contact Jen Cheshire, Head of Digital Platforms and Projects.


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