LawWorks Activities and Impact Report 2020-21

The LawWorks Activities and Impact Report for 2020-21 covers a challenging period as the Covid pandemic impacted not only on legal advice need, but also the operating environment for pro bono.

Based on data collected since 2020, this report evidences the benefit of all of our programmes in one place and gives a complete picture of LawWorks activities and impact.

Over the past two years, LawWorks have developed new programmes, harnessing the power of tech solutions to connect those who need pro bono advice with those who can provide it, facilitating greater collaboration, and working with other pro bono and advice organisations to help maximise collective impact.

Pro bono is not a substitute for legal aid, but its contribution is necessary, significant and growing. It is crucial that we work to understand the role and impact of pro bono, to ensure that it has the greatest possible impact, is targeted in its approach, and is able to reach those in need at the earliest opportunity.

We hope this report provides a compelling demonstration of the positive contribution and difference that pro bono makes for individuals, communities, charities and society.

Download the PDF icon LawWorks Activities and Impact Report 2020-21

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