Why LawWorks?

LawWorks supports and develops pro bono activity across England and Wales, using our experience and understanding to help ensure pro bono efforts are targeted where they can be most effective and have the greatest impact.

Why LawWorks?

LawWorks Membership BrochureLawWorks is the country’s leading pro bono charity for solicitors. 

We support member organisations to achieve high quality pro bono work by collaboratively developing impactful programmes that fit with their CSR objectives and engage their whole team.

Regardless of the team’s areas of expertise, LawWorks can develop and provide pro bono opportunities, training and support.

Why do we exist?

We believe that access to justice is a right, not a privilege.

Pro bono can contribute towards enabling access to justice and improve people’s lives. Although pro bono is not, and should not be seen as, an alternative to legal aid it can make an important contribution.

We help support the provision of an ‘infrastructure’ for pro bono, to facilitate legal volunteers connecting with those in need of legal advice.

Membership for your firm, in-house team or organisation

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By joining LawWorks you will be supporting our charitable work to encourage, support and celebrate pro bono, and also our work to highlight - and address - barriers to accessing justice. The financial contribution of our members is vital. Membership brings no obligation - but by joining you will be supporting our work to enable access to justice.

While pro bono is not, and should not become, an alternative to legal aid - it makes an important contribution to accessing legal information, advice and representation. 

Our annual membership fee also provides membership for all of your lawyers, staff and volunteers - and gives them free access to all of our services including:

  • Help with setting up pro bono initiatives and clinics from a dedicated team
  • Our popular Not-for-Profits programme that connects pro bono solicitors with smaller charities needing legal advice. As a member you receive researched and prepared cases, based on your area of interest and expertise, and we are always on hand to help
  • Regular programme updates
  • Professional indemnity insurance to cover in-house legal team’s pro bono work conducted as part of our programmes
  • Our legal and professional skills training from expert trainers (and online resources - including recordings of training sessions and associated materials)
  • Networking opportunities, including the LawWorks pro bono forum, roundtables and events
  • Recognition of pro bono work at the annual LawWorks Pro Bono Awards
  • The opportunity (if you wish) to support our work to influence positve policy change. 

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How much does it cost to be a member?

The fee depends upon the size of the firm - with other categories for in-house teams and organisations.


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Other ways to support LawWorks

LawWorks is grateful to the support of trusts and foundations, as well as the donations and fundraising efforts of individuals and organisations. If you would like to support our work, please contact our fundraisers: fundraising@lawworks.org.uk