Volunteer resources

The volunteer resource section covers substantive areas of law and advice skills relevant to pro bono volunteers.

LawWorks Training

To support the delivery of competent pro bono advice, LawWorks delivers a programme of social welfare, family and immigration law training sessions.

Podcasts of the sessions and accompanying materials are available online to enable distance learning. For podcasts, handouts and presentations from previous training sessions please click on the relevant course in the listing below.

The programme relies on the pro bono assistance of LawWorks Member firms in hosting the sessions, as well as the goodwill of trainers who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise pro bono.

We are very grateful for the ongoing support of the training  programme.

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For details of upcoming training sessions please click here.

Delivered by the Legal Director of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association (ILPA), this training seminar focuses on
Delivered by a senior adviser, this session will cover policies and procedures in advice, communication skills, options and cons
Delivered by a senior social welfare lawyer, this video will provide an overview of who is still eligible for advice and assista
Delivered by Sally Gill, Director of the University of Greenwich Legal Advice Centre, this video provides practical advice on in