Submission: Comprehensive Spending Review

LawWorks have been working with our partners in the Litigants in Person Support Strategy (LIPSS) to make a submission to the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review outlining our the case for sustained and investment in legal advice and support services.

This submission is on behalf of the Litigants in Person Support Strategy - LIPSS (in which LawWorks are a partner charity), responds to HM Treasury's invitation to make representations to the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) launched in the summer. The CSR is the process by which the UK Government departments’ resource budgets for the years 2021/22 to 2023/24 and capital budgets for the years 2021/22 until 2024/25. In this submission we:- 

  • outline the challenges and context for public spending, especially for access to justice in light of Covid-19;
  • develop the case social value of a "spectrum" of legal support and advice;
  • describe how the outputs and outcomes from the LIPSS partners add social value;
  • demonstrate how the contribution of the LIPSS partners (and the wider advice ecosystem) can improve the delivery and management of the Ministry of Justice’s priorities and strategic objectives, improve public service outcomes, and strenghten the UK's recovery from Covid-19.

Download the submission:



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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020