SRA Consultation on Waivers - LawWorks sets out its position

There can often be circumstances in which regulations don’t quite fit the how pro bono works in practice, and we have previously raised issues about regulations making it difficult for in house lawyers to do pro bono work for example.

As one approach to regulatory problems sometimes it will necessary to apply to the SRA for a waiver, and LawWorks have had to do this in the past in respect of some of individual membership projects and some initiatives in order to make LawWorks insurance cover arrangements work.

The SRA have been consulting on their policy on waivers, and LawWorks have responded to the SRA on this – whilst we welcome what the SRA are trying to do in developing a more flexible approach, it remains our contention that waivers can indicate an underlying problem with the regulatory system itself that needs to be addressed.  

You can view LawWorks submission to the SRA by downloading the document below.



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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017