University of Strathclyde Law Clinic



Level 5, Graham Hill Building

40 George Street


G1 1BA

Phone number

014 1548 5995

Opening Times

Daily, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Area(s) of law

Civil Litigation, Consumer, Employment, Housing

Who can access this clinic?

Within daily travelling distance of Clinic

Information about accessibility


This clinic offers the following service(s)

Written Advice, Casework, Representation, Form Filling, Initial Advice

You can access the service in the following way(s)

Appointment, Drop In

Summary of Service

The Law Clinic is run by volunteer law students working under the supervision of suitably qualified staff. There are 3 ways through which to obtain legal advice: the Online Service, Initial Advice Clinics, Advice & Representation service. Which is most appropriate depends on a number of factors - see details below. Online Service: For non-urgent general guidance only and offers one-off general written guidance on your legal issue. No meeting takes place and documents cannot be reviewed. A written reply is provided within 15 working days. Initial Advice Clinics: Offer one-off on the spot guidance for people who do not need representation or where we cannot offer it. This service operates every second Wednesday in the evening and is delivered by Zoom or phone. Advice & representation service: Review documents, provide ongoing advice and where appropriate write letters on your behalf and in some cases represent you. Please complete: