University of Birmingham Free Legal Advice Group (FLAG)



Birmingham FLAG

Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham



B15 2TT

Opening Times

Tuesday and Thursday, Weekly, 5:00pm-7:00pm. September – December and January – March

Area(s) of law

Employment, Family, Housing, Tort, Wills and probate

Other areas of law available

Civil Disputes

Who can access this clinic?

The general public in the West Midlands. (Appointments held either online or in-person at held at The Exchange, Centenary Square, Birmingham.)

Information about accessibility

Wheelchair access

This clinic offers the following service(s)

Written Advice

You can access the service in the following way(s)


Summary of Service

Please note, FLAG is unable to assist if you are: 1. Based outside of the West Midlands; 2. If your legal query falls outside of the areas of law listed above; 3. If you have urgent deadlines; and 4. If you require court representation. Birmingham FLAG is operated by students at the University of Birmingham, working together with qualified legal professionals who closely supervise students at the clinic. Enquiries can be submitted by visiting the clinic website and completing an online form. If none of the four points above apply and we are able to take on your case, you will be invited to an online interview or an in-person interview at The Exchange, Centenary Square, Birmingham. The interview is conducted by the students with the Professional Volunteer present and taking an observational but active role when necessary. Following the meeting the students will produce a letter of advice under the Professional Volunteers’ supervision setting out the next appropriate steps.