Participation in the LawWorks Clinics Network is completely free and allows access to many services such as training, resources

This factsheet sets out key areas for pro bono clinics where support is available from LawWorks.

Having a file review system in place at your clinic, particularly, if your clinic undertakes ongoing casework, is an important a

The template form that can be used for recording advice provided and basic client information.

Arranging insurance is an important requirement for any law clinic to consider.

When providing advice it is important to ensure that clients are appraised of all relevant limitation dates pertaining to their

In this factsheet the LawWorks Clinics Team sets out the first hand observations and learnings of pro bono coordinators involved

There are a variety of models through which clinics may deliver pro bono legal advice and services to members of the public.

In this factsheet we set out the 10 essential steps to setting up a pro bono legal advice clinic.

Marketing and promotion helps to raise awareness levels of your clinic and the services that it has on offer.