Supervision – experience from the front-line

This session will look at supervision with students and caseworkers sharing their experience. The aim is to de-mystify supervision and approach it both from the perspectives of supervisors and the supervised.

Whilst supervision is formal requirement for legal advice delivered in clinics, it can also provide a valuable learning experience. A well thought out supervision process between the supervisor and students/trainee volunteers should lead to productive feedback and support.

Delivered by Callum Scott (Caseworker at the Nottingham Law School, Legal Advice Centre), Professor Jane Jarman (Nottingham Trent University), Simon Bruce (Partner Farrer & Co and the lead solicitor at Dad’s House) and Katie Henderson (student volunteer at Dad’s House and Westminster University law student), the session will cover:

  • What is supervision and what it is it for?
  • An introduction to supervision requirements
  • Students’ and caseworkers’ perspectives and experience of supervision in a legal advice clinic setting
  • Getting the most out of supervision

The session will be especially valuable students and volunteers who may be new to advising in clinics, and will demonstrate how effective supervision can enhance your casework skills.





Event date:
Wednesday, July 14, 2021 - 11:00 to 12:00
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