Webinar: Domestic violence

LawWorks is pleased to share our recent webinar 'Domestic violence', hosted kindly by LexisNexis.

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What does the webinar cover?

The webinar provides training on the Rights of Women Domestic Violence Injunction Handbook, which is available to members via LawWorks’ website. The Handbook enables clients to obtain protection from violence. The webinar covers the following:

  • What types of injunctions are available?
  • The law in relation to non-molestation orders and occupation orders.
  • Who can apply?
  • Preparing and making an application.
  • Preparing for the hearing.
  • Enforcing the injunction.
  • Information on harassment injunctions, forced marriage protection orders, female genital mutilation orders.

To view the presentation that accompanies the webinar follow the link below:

Rights of Women is a women’s charity working in a number of ways to help women through the law. Their vital services aim to provide women with the legal advice and information they need to understand and use the law and their legal rights. 

Technical Advice

You will need to view the webinar in Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Depending on your browser choice, there are two standard plugins which are required to view the live stream.

  • Adobe Flash
  • Silverlight

Thank you

Our very special thanks to Mandip Ghai, Senior Legal Officer (Family and Criminal law), Rights of Women

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