A beginner's guide to employment law

This video is an introductory session covering the basics of employment law and procedure.

Delivered by Rachel Lewis, an employment solicitor and Deputy Director at the Legal Advice Clinic, University of South Wales, this training video is for those with little, or no, prior knowledge of employment law and procedure, who have an interest in volunteering with employment law pro bono schemes.

It is also suitable for new volunteers to pro bono schemes who would benefit from learning about the basics of employment law and procedure.

The session will cover:

  • Employment status
  • Termination of the employment relationship, including wrongful and unfair dismissal
  • Discrimination overview
  • Employment tribunal procedure
  • Remedies available to successful claimants
  • Recent developments


Type of Resource

Date of publication

Monday, November 22, 2021

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Monday, November 22, 2021