Pro Bono Opportunity with Durham LawWorks Pro Bono Society

Durham LawWorks Pro Bono Society clinic, made up of student volunteers, operates to provide legal advice to the individuals and small businesses of Durham.

We have solicitors helping us to give advice in the areas of commercial disputes and IP law, and we would like to add an employment solicitor to this. All advice is given via Skype to the client, who will be at the CAB in Durham with one of our volunteers. This means that the solicitor can be operating from anywhere in the country, so no travelling is required.

Volunteering opportunity:

Prior to each appointment, the solicitor will receive the client's completed referral form detailing their case. Each appointment would last roughly 30 minutes (for the solicitor to gain more information from the client, then to give a few different options for advice and discuss eligibility for legal aid etc).

The student volunteer may need a few minutes after the appointment just to clarify anything with the solicitor before they write up the 'confirmation of advice letter'. This letter will be sent to the solicitor within a few days for a final check, then sent to the client.

What will the time commitment be?

There is no travelling required - everything is done via Skype. We aim to have a maximum of 1 or 2 appointments per week (back to back within an hour), and this is mostly limited to University term time. This would be 30 minutes per appointment and around 30 minutes outside of this for communication with our student volunteer for checking the confirmation of advice letter.

What will volunteers get out of this?

Any support will be through LawWorks and resources available to our clinic through the organisation.

Person specification - what type of volunteers are you looking for?

We need a trained employment solicitor 

What email address should enquiries and applications be sent to?

Please send all enquiries and applications to: [email protected]

Application process - is there any information you would like applicants to provide?

An up-to-date CV is required from applicants. Face to face interviews will be held at the centre.

Is there a deadline for applications or is this an ongoing opportunity?



Opportunity type:
Closing date:
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
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