Pro bono opportunity – misuse of personal data/data protection

Pro Bono Connect (which connects barristers and solicitors working together on pro bono cases) are looking for a solicitor to assist a vulnerable person in a misuse of personal data matter against an NHS Trust.

The Trust has admitted a misuse and offered an apology but no compensation. The person has no income or assets and (being in long term care) is unable to act as a litigant in person. The person needs solicitor assistance to issue the claim and, ideally, help throughout with correspondence and settlement negotiations. As well as an interesting area of law, the barrister notes that there is a public interest in ensuring such bodies cannot breach such rights with impunity.

If you may be able to assist with the case (further information can be provided, without obligation) please contact Jamie Goldsmith at:  [email protected]   



Opportunity type:
Closing date:
Thursday, March 28, 2019