Sheffield Hallam University Refugee Family Reunion Clinic (SHU RFR Clinic)



Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice
Sheffield Hallam University 1st Floor Heart of the Campus Building
S10 2BP
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Opening Times

From end of September there will be a full time Senior Lecturer in Refugee Family Reunion post in place

Other areas of law available

Refugee Family Reunion straddles asylum and immigration

Who can access this clinic?

We serve the Sheffield 'S' postcode

Information about accessibility

This clinic offers the following service(s)

Written Advice, Casework, Representation, Form Filling, Initial Advice

You can access the service in the following way(s)

Appointment, Telephone, Online

Summary of Service

The Sheffield Hallam University Refugee Family Reunion Service supports individual refugees who wish to be reunited with family members they have been forced to leave behind