Employment Tribunal Litigant in Person Support Scheme (ELIPS) – Bristol



Bristol Employment Tribunal
Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre

Opening Times

9 am - 4 pm, second Friday of each month
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This clinic offers the following service(s)

Representation, Initial Advice

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Drop In

Summary of Service

This service provides on the day representation for unrepresented litigants in person on any claim for simple, one day (or less) claims, preliminary hearings and advice on claims already issued. The ELIPS volunteers are only able to advise litigants in person who have a claim issued at the employment tribunal. Priority is given to those with hearings on the day the clinic is open, and no ongoing advice is available through this clinic. Please note: The service does not provide on the day representation in complex/multi-day hearings. The clinic is a drop-in only service no appointments are available at any time - it is a first come first served system. Furthermore ELIPS volunteers are also unable to provide ongoing advice or support. The clinic's first session will be held on Friday 26th April 2019