Consultations Gratuites Legal Advice Clinic



St Mary's Church Crypt
Upper Street
N1 2TX

Opening Times

Thursday evenings: 7pm - 8pm The service is closed over the Christmas and Easter period as well as the whole of August. Please note: there is no telephone number; no booking appointment system and no advice or consultation is provided via email.
Area(s) of law:
Employment, Housing

Other areas of law available

The clinic service does not provide advise employers or landlords.

Who can access this clinic?

French speaking individuals with limited knowledge of English.

Information about accessibility

A fully accessible building

This clinic offers the following service(s)

Initial Advice

You can access the service in the following way(s)

Drop In

Summary of Service

Consultations Gratuites is a free legal service which provides advice in French. The service seeks to assist French speaking individuals, with limited financial means or limited knowledge of English, with queries in housing and employment law. During the advice session, the volunteer advisers will provide an initial response to the legal query or if they cannot advise you, will direct you to the appropriate service. This is an initial advice only service; the volunteer advisers cannot represent you in Court. Clients are seen on a first come first serve basis and the advisers will spend a maximum of 20 minutes with you. Clients are advised to bring all the documents related to their issue. Please note: all volunteer advisers are qualified as solicitor (some solicitors are non-practicing solicitors), barrister or French lawyer. Consultations Gratuites websites: French: English: