Not-for-Profit Programme Charity Registration

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Please note that this is service is a pilot and as such may develop in accordance with user feedback and experience.

Thank you for your interest in applying for LawWorks' assistance in setting up your organisation and registering it as a charity.

Registration is a process which can require a lot of legal resources. LawWorks is only able to find legal representation for up to two applicants a month. We receive lots of requests for help and unfortunately do not have the resources to assist everyone.

This service aims to focus our help on organisations which have the best potential to scale, grow and achieve significant impact - if they receive a helping hand at these initial stages.

This application is designed to ensure that charity registration is the right option for your charity.

Applications are reviewed in bulk on a monthly basis and can take up to two weeks to assess. It may therefore be up to six weeks before your application is fully processed.

LawWorks reserves the right to pause the application process in order to manage the pilot properly.