Charity Registration Service application form

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The LawWorks Not-for-Profits Programme helps small not-for-profit organisations whose ultimate beneficiaries are predominantly vulnerable or disadvantaged people in England and Wales.  This application form is designed to ensure our criteria are met, and that charity registration is the right option for your charity.



Where LawWorks can help

LawWorks assesses an application’s eligibility primarily on the basis of the prospective charity’s beneficiaries: the individuals it helps and how it helps them.  The ultimate beneficiaries of the charity should be predominantly vulnerable or disadvantaged individuals.

Applicants will generally be eligible if the prospective charity will provide activities like the following illustrative examples:

  • working with the homeless;
  • helping children or young people at risk;
  • improving the employability of current and/or ex-offenders;
  • supporting people with physical or mental disabilities or health conditions;
  • working with refugees or asylum seekers;
  • responding to the discrimination against people of a specific group;
  • working with people affected by poverty and/or living in deprived neighbourhoods;
  • providing community support to isolated elderly people;
  • advising or providing educational services to people at risk of exploitation; or
  • improving access to justice.

This application form contains opportunities to tell us about who your charity will help and how it does that.  You should include as much information as possible, and examples if possible, in order to help us assess your eligibility.



Where LawWorks cannot help

For policy reasons we are unfortunately unable to accept applications to establish the following charities:

  • animal welfare charities; or
  • charities predominantly focussed on benefitting communities outside England and Wales.

If your charity is one of the above we recommend browsing our alternate resources.


Before starting your application, please ensure that you have read the eligibility criteria and guidance for this service.

Having read the eligibility criteria and guidance, do you confirm that the ultimate beneficiaries of your not-for-profit organisation are predominantly vulnerable or disadvantaged people in England and Wales?