Donate to LawWorks

Your support will help LawWorks to secure the future of our programmes and support the thousands of individuals and charitable organisations who rely on us for access to free legal advice.

We welcome both one-off donations and multi-year pledges to support our vital work. 

If you would like to discuss donating to LawWorks, please contact our fundraising team.

With your help,

  • We can sustain our ever-growing Not-for-Profits Programme to mitigate legal costs for the voluntary sector and ensure their funds are dedicated to pursuing their charitable objects
  • We can expand our Secondary Specialisation programmes, training more volunteer lawyers in under-resourced areas of social welfare law
  • We can grow our network of over 300 independent free legal advice clinics across England and Wales, reaching new geographical areas of need
  • We can continue to use digital platforms and develop new methods to improve access to justice and pro bono engagement

Your support will help LawWorks to secure the future of our programmes and support the thousands of beneficiaries, volunteers and charitable organisations who rely on us to access continued, free legal advice.

1. Not-for-Profits Programme

Our vision is to ensure our network of 244 not-for-profit organisations are able to better direct their limited funding to fulfil their charitable objects and to minimise the actual costs of representation for the voluntary sector. Our Not-for-Profits programme has been running for 25 years tackling issues such as poverty, disability, abuse, social exclusion, and special education needs. By supporting these organisations, who directly help our communities, the benefits of legal guidance go far beyond the immediate recipients of the advice we give.  With your support, we can ensure we can continue to support and grow our network

2. Secondary Specialisation Programmes

You can support the development of our Secondary Specialisation programmes so we can reach more people and directly tackle financial hardship for those who cannot afford access to justice. You would be directly helping us to address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Gola 16 – Provide Access to Justice for All. With your help, we can expand the type of case LawWorks takes on, the eligibility criteria for our beneficiaries or increase our programme capacity, for example, increasing volunteer engagement to the Welfare Benefits Advocacy project meaning LawWorks is able to take on more cases.

3. Independent Free Legal Advice Clinics

By supporting our charity, LawWorks will be able able to grow our network of independent free legal advice clinics, which currently stands at 290 across England and Wales. With your help, we can develop and support new clinics to address gaps in service provision – be that geographic or legal. You could support the appointment of a dedicated officer to support and develop clinics in the South West of England.

4. Advancement of LawWorks Remote Access programmes

With your support, we can build upon our successful online and remote access programmes such as Pro Bono Connect - platform enabling solicitors and barristers to collaborate on pro bono cases; the Pro Bono Portal - a one-stop-shop for volunteering opportunities or Free Legal Answers, which allows volunteers to provide initial and one-off free legal advice to support people. Your support would help us to sustain our existing online programmes as well as help us advance our technology to improve access to justice and pro bono engagement.