LawWorks believes in working collaboratively with key partners to ensure the best support is available for individuals and not-for-profits in need of quality and timely free legal advice.

We continue to explore partnerships which will support the delivery of innovative pro bono projects, harness the expertise of sector professionals and leverage what is left of legal aid.

We aim to ensure that our activities avoid duplication and signpost people in need, where appropriate, to available legal aid and affordable paid for work.

Our partners include member organisations, law schools, charities including Together for Short Lives and Macmillan Cancer Support, Law Centres including South West London Law Centres and Islington Law Centre, Citizens Advice, Law for Life and the Personal Support Unit.

The National Pro Bono Centre

LawWorks is based in the National Pro Bono Centre.  The Centre houses the profession's national clearing houses for legal pro bono work delivered in England and Wales.  

It is designed to be a "hub" for pro bono charities in the sector and supports the wide range of pro bono projects and brokerage which the charities support, helping individuals and community groups all over England and Wales. 

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Litigants in Person Support Strategy

LawWorks is a partner of the Litigant in Person Support Strategy.

The Litigant in Person Support Strategy has been developed to provide support to litigants in person in civil and family justice across England and Wales. It is a collaboration between a number of third sector organisations including PSU, LawWorks, Law for Life, the Bar Pro Bono Unit and the Ministry of Justice, with the MOJ providing funding. 

The Strategy was developed under the aegis of the Attorney General’s National Pro Bono Coordinating Committee. The number of litigants in person has increased dramatically in recent years, putting pressure on the court system and the agencies that support those who can’t afford legal help. The organisations involved in the Strategy are all focused on helping those who can’t access legal help for whatever reason. The Strategy brings those organisations together and gives them some extra funding so that they can improve upon what they’re already doing.

For further information visit the Litigant in Person Support Strategy website.

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